Popham 2018

BMCC Members enjoyed a fabulous day at Popham. A really hot day and we all caught the Sun

On Saturday 2nd June BMCC Members enjoyed a fabulous Solent Cruise aboard The Princess Caroline. Along with a fabulous lunch, the sun shone, the water was calm and as usual, the alcohol flowed. A perfect afternoon 

   SEA CRUISE 2018

On the 13th July BMCC Members spent the weekend at the Durrington Show. Weather was fantastic and there was a party in the park with live music. Everyone had a fantastic time even more so, with John & Gwen celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary. BMCC supplied a lovely Cake which was enjoyed by all. 

                                                         Photo's by Sue Dunham

   Durrington 2018

31 Duck Race End
30 Duck Race Start
29 Aren Display Rear of Cars
28 Arena Display Front of Cars
27 Rally Cars 3
26 Rally Cars 2
24 Best Six Legs
21 Gwen and John's 50th Anniversary Cake
22 Gwen and John's 50th Anniversary Kiss
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BMCC Members spent the weekend at the Powderham Show.  Again, the weather was fantastic and everyone had a fantastic time. 

                                                         Photo's by Sue Dunham


thumbnail_6 Reliant Scimitar GTE
thumbnail_7 Terry Dunham's MG Magnette Z
thumbnail_5 Triumph Herald Convertible a
thumbnail_4 Will's Fordson Truck
thumbnail_1 BMCC Stand
thumbnail_3 Steve Bate's 1660 and Morris
thumbnail_2 BMCC Banner
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