Charles Ware Morris Minor Centre


On Friday 15th May I took my Morris Minor Tourer " Libby" along to the Charles Ware Morris Minor Centre in Bristol to have a new roof fitted. Libby was fitted with an old Mohair Roof that had seen better days and although, supposed to be black was in fact, now grey. Small rips had also started to appear so it was decided that  a replacement hood was required.


















Upon arriving at 8am at Charles Ware, Andy and Tim immediately made me feel welcome. Coffee was provided and a discussion took place on my requirements and what was and may be required to complete the job. A full explanation of costs were also provided.


Whilst talking to Andy and Tim, Libby was taken to the workshop in preperation for the work to begin. Andy and Tim both invited me to stay and have a good look around the workshops. With around 70 Minors to look at, all at various stages of completetion, I finally realised I was in Heaven.















Neil removes the old roof from Libby.

Not wishing to out stay my welcome I leave Neil to it and proceed to look around the workshops and yard.

And so, after spending a couple of hours wandering around, I went off for lunch. Having then returned I found that Libby had been completed and was almost ready to leave the workshop

After a chat with Andy and Tim regarding the work and a demonstration on how to fold and erect the roof properly, Libby was all ready to commence her journey back to Basingstoke.

I would like to thank Any, Tim and Neil from Charles Ware for a great experience. Allowing me to wander and chat with the guys was great and I learnt a lot about the Morris Minor and my car in particular. If you ever need to know anything or need work done, give them a call.

                                       Charles Ware Morris Minor Centre -  0117 300 3754